Cataract operations

There are 285 million visually impaired people around the world, and a large percentage of them are at risk of permanent vision loss due to injuries in the eyes for reasons that can be treated at a small cost. 90 of those suffering from visual impairment live in low-income countries from African countries and some Asian countries. Health care in these countries exacerbates vision problems, especially among children, patients and the elderly, which causes temporary loss of vision or blindness, and in most cases the cost of treatment is small to restore the grace of sight again.

Seeking the face of God Almighty or paying your obligated zakat, the treatment of the sick among the poor and the needy is included within the legal expenditures for zakat, according to the Sharia Fatwa Committee

Your contribution will be a reason for restoring the grace of sight for a person to live a normal life throughout his life


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