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مشروع ترميم البيوت فريق غييث التطوعي

مشروع ترميم البيوت فريق غييث التطوعي

“In appreciation of the importance of societal stability and the vital role that every individual can play in society, we are launching our voluntary project to restore homes and improve housing conditions for needy families with limited incomes. We are working hard to affirm the right of every individual to a healthy and sound life, regardless of his financial circumstances.

By restoring old homes that suffer from damage and cracks, we provide an opportunity for these families to enjoy the safety and comfort of a safe and healthy home. Losing some of the essentials from homes can be annoying and stressful, so we care about providing the right furniture for homes in addition to the restoration process.


We understand the difficulties that may be faced by the neediest families, especially those who can hardly afford the rent. So we provide them with support in this aspect as well, which enhances stability and restores hope for them.


We believe that this charitable project plays a pivotal role in achieving housing security for poor families and provides a model for community solidarity and charitable work. By achieving sustainability in our local communities, we contribute to building stronger and safer communities, where comfort and safety prevail among its members. We work hard to provide a better future for our needy families, and we encourage everyone to participate in this noble effort to develop poor housing and support poor families.”


You can also follow more of our volunteer work here

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