Ghaith Model Village

The “Ghaith” model village is a symbol of volunteer work and donation, as the school area is 500 square meters, the dispensary is 100 square meters, in addition to an orphanage, 50 homes for the poor and a mosque of 250 square meters. This village embodies the meaning of the effort made by volunteers and donors to provide basic services to the community.


This wonderful village provides a living example of the importance of volunteer work and donation in promoting the advancement of communities in need. Every part of Ghaith Village reflects the values we hold dear: Compassion, Giving, and Partnership.


Through volunteer work, the school, which spans an area of 500 square metres, is being built and is recognized as the center of learning in the village. The donation also contributes to the construction of the 100-square-meter dispensary, which provides basic health care to the residents of the village.


There is an orphanage, which is a safe haven for children who have lost their parents. This home, supported by donations, provides care and education for these children. While the fifty houses in the village provide shelter for the poor, it is a living example of volunteer work and donation that changes lives.


Finally, the mosque, which is spread over an area of 250 square metres, is a cross-fertilization point for cultures and religions, where ideas are exchanged and religious education is offered. Like other establishments in the village, it reflects the large donation and volunteer work that supports it.


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